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We are an especialized Tour Operator in Cultural Heritage and a R+D+i Agency for Marketing and Tourism with long-standing experince in design and direction of travel experiences services and products in the Coquimbo, Atacama and Aconcagua regions. We rescue, value and promote the history, the nature, the archaeology and the wineculture heritage of Chile and the Andean world.
TEMBETA is a Receptive/Emissive Tour Operator and Research, Development and Innovation Agency for Cultural Heritage, Marketing and Tourism. Specialists in design, consultancy and the operation of tourist services and products, in addition to knowledge management, entertainment and cultural rescue and value, we create customized experiences, events and tourism programs that transcend in memory and time. With more than 20 years of tourism trajectory in Coquimbo´s Region and its outstanding surroundings, TEMBETA has served different kinds of travellers as well as recognized brands, companies, associations, public organizations and trade missions offering an exclusive and avant-garde service.
TEMBETA it is a stone, a bone or a chosen wood, worshipped, carved, worked and polished to be turned into an ornament and "shamanic tribal element for the evolution and elevation of the human being and its culture". Symbol of power, knowledge, fierce and uniqueness, TEMBETA is an artifact and sacred object that provides a protective force for an earthly, cosmic, ancestral, extrasensory and great transcendental journey, initiated by pioneers and advanced nomad explorers from the Atlantic Amazon who finally cross the Andes and discover an unknown world: the Pacific Ocean, becoming our first shamanic, artistic, pottery-maker, metal worker, astronomical and sedentary culture of Coquimbo and Atacama Regions.
Coquimbo is a truly amazing and unique region surrounded and protected by the giants: Atacama, the driest desert of the world; Aconcagua, the highest mountain in America; the Pacific, the largest ocean on the planet, and the Andes, the longest mountain range on earth. Coquimbo has a great diversity of climates, geographic units, natural resources and cultural treasures that born from soils of infinite minerals and skies of great luminosity and transparency. Since immorial times its nature have connected their inhabitants with the sun, the sea, the mountains and the center of our galaxy.
Thousand-year-old forests from the ice age and islands with white sand beaches, turquoise waters, cactus flora and fauna of penguins, whales, dolphins and numerous seabirds, coexist in front of pyramidal mountains full of minerals, precious stones, snow and magnetism, creating ancient rivers, valleys and magical human settlements that inspired the creation of amazing cultural treasures and the foundation of the oldest city in the coast of Chile, La Serena. The art of the Diaguitas, the legacy of the Incas, the origins of Chilean wine and pisco, the literature of Gabriela Mistral, the astronomical observatories and its exploration of the universe together with its mystical and esoteric travelers and inhabitants have given life to Coquimbo, the Region of Richness.
To give the best services, products and travel experiences to our clients in search of calmness, satisfaction, entertainment, inspiration, knowledges and trascendent encounters with the nature and culture of Chile, Coquimbo's Region and South America.
To be one of the best Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Tourism Consulting Groups in Chile and Southamerica.
To promote entertainment, education and culture through the rescue of local and national heritage and the promotion of hospitality, travel and tourism.

To project opportunities for development and socio-economic growth in the local community and the human resources through Tourism.

To generate spaces for the spiritual, economic and cultural growth of people and its future generations.
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Somos un Tour Operador y agencia especialista en diseño, puesta en valor y operación de atracciones, rutas y experiencias turísticas en la Región de Coquimbo y sus alrededores, con vasta trayectoria en I+D+i y en rescate, puesta en valor y difusión del Patrimonio Natural y Cultural de Chile y el mundo andino.


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