Conocimiento, Entretenimiento, Grandes Rutas


We have an extensive experience providing services in all the fields related with the Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Industry, specially, to those relevant and strategic sectors that sustain the requirements of tourism offer and demand like entertainment, transport, development plan, incentives, training, marketing, tourist information and the rescue, value and promotion of natural and cultural heritage treasures for territories and destinations.

In TEMBETA we are specialist in the design and the direction of tailor-made programs, custom travels and events that show and teach very unique and unknown resources, places and creations, exploring spaces and times in journeys and moments that transcend in memory and concept. The Destiny, such a magical word, refers not only to that dreamed place and the process of reaching it, but also about what life has given to each person like encounters, discoveries, flavours, emotions, knowledges, happiness and experiences. We want to give and teach the best of our region, country and continent, through its nature and its human creations.


Countless trips, explorations, discoveries, exchanges, interpretations, experiences and studies related to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry allow us to advise, project and execute ideas, opportunities and knowledge, plans and strategies for the strengthening and positioning of organizations, brands, products, services, attractions and destinatios. that are in complex, dynamic and competitive environments, contributing with new perspectives and improvements in their operations and strategic direction of their offer and demand.

We design plans and strategies for positioning, promote, and marketing brands, products, and services in different customer segments through advertising campaigns as launching, introduction, customer loyalty, and market research, as well as marketing plans, the creation of a philosophy and identity for branding, in addition to audiovisual resources, public relations events, corporate image, and social and enviromental responsibility in tourism and related industries.

Research + D + Innovation

We live and promote times of worship where we rescue and disseminate information for the creation of new knowledge for innovation in tourism and the human development of the territories. We identify those strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats in localities, cities, destinations, regions and political-administrative entities. We generate value, integrating and promoting development models that ensure satisfaction and well-being not only in tourist demand but also in the quality of life of the local community. Our constant is the search, understanding and interpretation of resources, their uses and new applications.

We bring and deliver knowledge for the creation of techniques and skills in those who want to be part of the history and become an actor in the world of Hospitality and Travelk Industry with their associated products and services, designing effective training, talks and incentive trips and events for the professionals, connoisseurs, amateurs or begginers interested to improve or to learn new knowledges and competences for the promotion and commercialization of tourism resources, products, service or travel destination.


We create emotional and unforgettable moments with unique products of origin from a region with a wonderful climate, geography, soil and coast of incomparable nutritional richness of food and drinks, as well as an unprecedented cultural legacy. We carry out tailor-made events, wine tastings, pairings, corporate lunches and dinners with very high levels of creativity, sense of place and historical richness that enchant everyone who assist in our activations and performances. A careful and thoughtful planning, efficient and effective logistics, and eternal sensitivity in the selection of the best ingredients, food, and beverages, together with a creative preparation, assembly, presentation, and enjoyment, allow us to deliver an attractive, conceptual, and outstanding service of food and beverages for companies, meetings and groups of interest.

Our dedicated and long trajectory in the entertainment, gastronomy, culture, and tourism industry, allow us to create and deliver unforgettable moments, splendid service, and a wide portafolio of products and experiences that transcend in memory and concept.


Through a personalized, private and tailored service, we support the delivery, distribution and transportation of valuable resources, equipment and people.

Our continuous exploration and constant search for tourist resources and places of interest has allowed us to identify numerous opportunities and potential for tourism development, real estate, and second residential homes in the north and center of our country. We have a wide network of contacts, sites, and places for those seeking a new life and/or business project in the Coquimbo Region.
TEMBETA Travel & Tours


Somos un Tour Operador y agencia especialista en diseño, puesta en valor y operación de atracciones, rutas y experiencias turísticas en la Región de Coquimbo y sus alrededores, con vasta trayectoria en I+D+i y en rescate, puesta en valor y difusión del Patrimonio Natural y Cultural de Chile y el mundo andino.


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