Atacama Desert

An immortal desert

There are no words to describe the immense beauty of the world’s most arid desert and its endless landscapes of multicolored rocks and sands. This surprising configuration of natural resources generated the presence of numerous cultures that inhabited the coast, valleys and mountains of the Atacama Region.

“Who would think that Chile is the most arid desert in the world whose landscapes are similar to the planet mars and its coast hides the best beaches of the country “


The most beautiful beaches in Chile

From the Choros to Taltal, the coastal borders of the Atacama Region, we find more than 500 beaches of unique beauty, mostly uninhabited and hidden, that is why our coastal route through the Atacama, allows you to know the unknown and paradisiacal beaches of the coast of the most arid desert of the world.


The most arid desert in the world

The Atacama not only stands out for not receiving rains all year round, but also to possess surprising species of flora, fauna and infinite geological formations and mineral configurations, lagoons, glaciers, rivers, slopes, beaches, dunes, archaeological villages, Inca road, conqueror camps and estates, bofedales, wetlands, mines, paleontological parks, indigenous shelters, isthmus, beaches and islands of unparalleled beauty.


Ancestral looking people

The inhabitants of Atacama have known how to live and understand life in the midst of aridity and loneliness, their gaze reflects the temperance and calm of the desert that when the unexpected arrives, rains and visitors their faces and landscapes, flourish, smile, dance and enchant anyone.


Flowering Desert

One of the most beautiful phenomena on the planet is to see the plains, pampas, ravines and cerros of the atacama full of flowers that hypnotize everyone who visits it. However, of all the fantastic places where you can appreciate different nuances, we know of a ravine where the mythical and legendary “White Lion Claw” is located, do you encourage yourself to go down in history and be one of the few people in the world to know it?


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