The Aconcagua

The highest mountain in America and the Southern Hemisphere, is the sign indicating the arrival to the Kingdom of Chile, which in Quechua means cold and is the gateway to the end of the new world.

“This mountain was worshipped not only by the Incas but also protected and protected by the people of the cold land, the Mapuches of Chile.”

While America and South America are in the imaginary of the people of the world as a continent of warm and tropical regions, Aconcagua and Patagonia are the opposite. Its temperate Mediterranean climate of marked seasons delivers very dynamic landscapes and sensations and not only every season but every month of the year.


Life around the Stone Giant

Numerous pre-Columbian vestiges as well as Hispanic conquest show us that the years pass but the landscapes remain. The Chilean palm forests, cypresses, boldos, peumos, arrayanes, canelos and scarce oaks demonstrate the natural greatness of the sector as well as its former inhabitants. These lands, dominated by the Mapuche leader Michimalonco, known as the main Lord of Chile and godson of the Inca Huascar, speak to us and show the beginnings of the country’s history, the echoes of the clashes between Spaniards and Mapuches and the torments of the first European women who inhabited the sector: Inés de Suarez and Catalina de los Rios and Lisperguer.


Chilean Traditions

Not only does the Creole component give a colorful living to its inhabitants and the landscape, these places witnessed the passage of independent caravans, merchants and arrieros that projected the development of the capital of Chile, the southernmost captaincy of the continent. The singing of the divine, the brava cueca, the trailla a yegua loosely, the taming of foals and races to the Chilean.


Snow, hot springs and great wines

Discover not only the feet of the giant Aconcagua, but also its famous hot springs, the first ski resort in South America and the winery of the new world with more recognition in the world.


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