Stargazing Tours

The Coquimbo Region since pre-Columbian times, was chosen as a destination for numerous travelers, traditions and cultures who were surprised by its transparent skies, the brilliance and sharpness of its stars and its soils of infinite minerals and precious stones.

Its wonderful geography and nature gave life to surprising cultural complexes that over time demonstrated the richness, worship and temple of our ancestors to the elements and the starry sky creating amazing sites for astronomical observation, such as the Enchantment Valley, Guanaqueros and Illapel.

However, the stone engravings left by our ancient inhabitants were signs for thousands of years later advanced scientists and strategists to express their interest and willingness to build in the Region the first astronomical observatories in the modern era by choosing atmospheric excellence as the deciding factor and obtaining certificates that demonstrate to the world the quality of our starry skies and nights to facilitate the knowledge and connection of human beings with the Universe and Galaxies.

Astronomical Tours
  • We recommend different observatories and astronomical centers, which vary in their offer and subject matter. We suggest writing to guide you and you can make the best decision.
  • Astro tourist observatories: Pangue, Collowara, Cancana, Mamalluca.
  • Tourist centers and spaces: Alfa Aldea, Amatista, Consiente Chile.


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