Enchanted Valley

Explore this magnificent Archaeological Paradise

The Valley of Charm is an amazing place, its human past is really a mystery for many, not so Paradi who believe we have connected with this magical place understanding it because of our committed worship, respect and admiration. Its fantastic geography and strategic location make it the most important astronomical, artistic and ceremonial center of Chilean prehistory as well as the dream destination for the most ominous nomads of South American prehistory, an Amazon tradition that in search of the Pacific, crosses the Andes, finding and settling in this natural Paradise.


The Molle Culture

It is considered a unique cultural complex of its kind, of really enigmatic origins, they are attributed to an Amazonian tradition the Pataxo, this due to the use of TEMBETA, as well as its ornamentation based on headdresses made of feathers, however, the engravings left at the archaeological site also teach them as humans with a supernatural intelligence due to the size of their brains reflected in the stones. The Molles were not only pioneers in the aesthetic ornamentation of their bodies, measuring the use of stone, wood or bone piercing, goldsmithing and feather caps that gave them status and power symbols, but they are also considered to be pioneers in the handling of metallurgy techniques in gold, silver and copper. In addition, they were the first and most advanced ceramists of the regional prehistory as well, stone sculptors and initiated observants of the cosmos, due to the records left on the stones of the Region.


Vergel Natural Semiarid

Beautiful semiarid ravine born of varied ramifications that give the place an uncharted natural value due to its water spills, large stones, hills and peaks that give a unique strategic attribute to the sector. The presence of numerous trees, shrubs and cacti coupled with a varying fauna of rodents and terrestrial birds, in addition to beautiful stones and soils, turned the site into a natural pre-Columbian village par excellence.



It is next to the sector of Illapel, one of the most interesting archaeoastronomic sites in Chile, where we see reflected numerous constellations and cosmic phenomenes in the stones of the place. This is due not only to the magical connection of its ancient inhabitants with the cosmos, but also to the unparalleled quality and atmospheric transparency of its skies.


  • Departure from La Serena towards the Limari Valley.
  • Walk and exploration archaeological site The Valley of Charm National Monument (2 to 3 hrs approx.).
  • Traditional lunch in typical Restaurant.
  • Optional: Visit Limari Archaeological Museum and/or Limari River Mouth


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