La Serena and Coquimbo

Discover La Serena and Coquimbo on our City Tour and Grand Heritage Journey

Amazing and ancient bay and city where a huge concentration of monuments converge that are erected between fascinating natural and coastal landscapes. La Serena is the oldest city on the Chilean coast, founded as a strategic necessity to keep alive the European presence during the conquest of Chile, whose location in Coquimbo Bay, the largest in Chile, allowed it to receive by land and sea the resources and goods that came from the Viceroyalty of Peru. From La Serena, its reformer Francisco de Aguirre, starts his route to cross the Andes and look for an exit to the Atlantic, creating and giving life to the oldest city in Argentina, Santiago del Estero. Thanks to La Serena and Coquimbo, the first on the coast of Chile strengthened the cities of Santiago de Chile and Santiago del Estero Argentina, the oldest in the Southern Cone.

You will travel to the origins of the conquest to discover the places where the history and foundation of the Green North are forged, the bay of Coquimbo and the oldest city on the coast of Chile, La Serena, Latin American capital for Architecture and Urbanism and birthplace of viticulture in the Southern Cone. Discover the treasures of La Serena and Coquimbo, ancestral bay and pre-Columbian cultural metropolis inhabited by the Animas, Changos, Diaguitas, Incas, Mapuches, Conquerors, clerics and pirates, attracted by the gold of Andacollo, where the oldest virgin of South America appears.

  • Tour terraces, historic monuments (Churches and Serene Plan) foundational landmarks and origins of Chilean wine.
  • Visit archaeological museum, market of La Recova and Plaza de Armas de La Serena (Cathedral, Dominican Church and statues).
  • Tour of Avenida de Aguirre and visit Monumental Lighthouse.
  • Entrance to Avenida del Mar de La Serena and Avenida Costanera de Coquimbo, views of the Culebron and the Mosque.
  • Arrival in Ciudad Puerto de Coquimbo and tour through its historic streets, central square and Barrio Ingles.
  • Stop at Fort Lambert, Third Millennium Cross, the pampilla and Mirador de los Pirates.
  • Visit the village of Guayacan and the residential area of La Herradura.
  • Free time Totoralillo beach and return to La Serena.



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