Fray Jorge Forest

Creado el 15 de abril de 1941 y con una superficie es de 8.863 hectáreas, su principal objeto de conservación es la presencia de su bosque relicto.
A miracle of nature, the Fray Jorge National Park

Created on April 15, 1941 and with an area of 8,863 hectares, its main object of conservation is the presence of its relict forest, which is located at 30º 30 ′ S 71º 35 ′ O, in the mountain range of the Coast range known as Altos de Talinay. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Limari River to the south. Its highest heights are Mount Mozambique (560 m), Mount Centinela (556 m) and Mount Punta del Viento (667 m). Fie declared 1977 as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and 2013 Starlight Skies Reserve.

“Those who enter this forest not only travel 12,000 years in time but also receive in their body volatile substances emanating from these miraculous trees that live in an impressive dynamic.”


A time machine to the glacial age

The surprising climatic forces and geological formations have created incredible conditions to maintain a forest and species of the glacial era, winds, cliffs, river outlets, coastal mountain range and soils of great mineral richness allow the presence of unique species that give the place an incalculable value not only in the scientific and botanical field but also for the health and well-being of the being.

The southern forest further north in Chile

Who would think that in a place bordering the world’s most arid desert we were going to find tree species that are commonly found 2000 kms south of Chile. A mysterious nature that without water has managed to retain species such as Petrillo, Olivillo and the sacred Mapuche tree, kennel.


Birds of Prey

The big diversity of shrubs and its continuous dispersion of seeds generates enormous conditions for the presence of rodents being more than 15 species of mammals, which are the main attention of numerous birds of prey that fly over the place, owls, owls, eaglets and hawks.


Forest Therapies

The volatile substances that emit these oceanic forests of high purity, strength and vigor generate unique conditions to promote health, conscious and healthy breathing of people. This is one of the best places in the world to purify your respiratory system and bring about thriving mental health.



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