5 to 7 hours
Valle del Elqui
1 to 19

Travelling through Cosmos and Time Explore the Universe

Observing Stars, Galaxies, Nebulas, Planets and the origins of the elements and life
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What's included

Valle del Elqui Discover Valle del Elqui
Departure Location
Avenida del Mar de La Serena or historic center of La Serena
Return Location
Historic center of La Serena and Avenida del Mar (some other places must be coordinated)
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The skies of the Coquimbo Region have connected its ancient people and travelers with our nature since immemorial times, motivating them to develop new knowledges, creations and technologies. As time went by, we welcomed the most advanced projects for the exploration of the universe, where were installed the first lenses, advanced cameras and equipment in the Southern Hemisphere not only to see the beyond of the deep universe and its borders but also to learn about the compositions and structures of our universy, galaxy and its thousands and millions of stars and stellar objects that every day and night give us more understanding and knowledge about how the universe moves, bringing us closer and closer to the origins of life itself.

In a fantastic trip to the mountains and also to mystical and ancient places in Northern Chile, you will observe with advanced telescopes and specialized guides numerous stellar objects from highly recommended astronomical projects and sites located in the mountains, slopes, terraces, ravines and ancient banks of Coquimbo, Atacama, Elqui, Limari and Choapa.


Some of the stargizing tour we recommend:

Observatorio El Pangue (Located in a Dark Sky Foundation Sanctuary, it has advanced eye pices and telescopes of 25″ and 16″).

Observatorio Omega Centauri (Located at Mamalluca sacred mountain piedmont it has advanced eye pieces and telescopes of 24″ y 20″ inches).

Observatorio Spacio Amatista (Located in the village where lived the most advanced pottery makers of the andean territories  its found this intimate, charming, alternative new age and wellness observatory).

Observatorio Collowara (Located in the oldest religous-mining center of Southamerica, it has a great location and sky quality)

Observatorio Hanan Pacha (Exclusive Stargazing tour at the feet of a copper mountain, it has an small winery and museum).

Observatorio La Silla (Scientific place, visits only the saturdays during the day, and before a confirmed booking).

Observatorios Tololo y Géminis (Scientific place, visits only fridays (Géminis) and saturdays (Tololo) during the day, and before confirmed booking)


Informations and bookings

contacto@tembeta.cl + 56990128608

Instagram @tembetatraveltours

*Tour require optimum weather and some observatories are closed 3-4  nights after first quarter moon is coming, specially waxing and wanning nibbous moon.

**Tours also need a minimum of passengers. Ask for private options.




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5 to 7 hours
Valle del Elqui
1 to 19

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