Chasqui Diaguita Inca Route

Expedition Details We will explore the mountains of Coquimbo and Elqui to see the amazing sites occupied by the Diaguitas and the Incas that allowed for one of the most interesting cultural encounters and ensembles in Andean prehistory. We will travel through attractive landscapes and geographies that inspired the creation of advanced infrastructures and products...

Río Hurtado and Pichasca Monument

Tour Information We will travel through a hidden and longitudinal pre-Andean valley that will connect the ancestral provinces and mountain ranges of Elqui and Limari to discover the origins of an impressive geological event that shaped Río Hurtado and its renowned San Pedro de Pichasca Natural Monument. This worldwide paleontological, geological and archaeological treasure stands...

The Enchanted Valley

The Destiny – The Place The Limari Valley has a nature of extreme climatic and geographical transition of attractive resources that thousands of years ago enchanted primitive tribes and nomads from the Atlantic and the Amazon area, surprised by the precious stones, the Pacific coast and its ancient oceanic forests. The main refuge of this...

Hanan Pacha Nights

Program Information With advanced telescopes and an unparalleled environment, you will be able to live a first-class astronomical experience in the Elqui Valley in a mountain refuge with all the facilities that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Cochiguaz Valley

Program information In the year 1986 a group of mystics from Cochiguaz awaited the arrival of ships that would come in the comet’s tail, whose captains would announce the birth of the reincarnation of Christ, this is how the valley became the destination of numerous New communities and groups. ages dedicated to the worship of...

Stargazing Tours

The skies of the Coquimbo Region have connected its ancient people and travelers with our nature since immemorial times, motivating them to develop new knowledges, creations and technologies. As time went by, we welcomed the most advanced projects for the exploration of the universe, where were installed the first lenses, advanced cameras and equipment in...

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