Chasqui Diaguita Inca Route

Expedition Details We will explore the mountains of Coquimbo and Elqui to see the amazing sites occupied by the Diaguitas and the Incas that allowed for one of the most interesting cultural encounters and ensembles in Andean prehistory. We will travel through attractive landscapes and geographies that inspired the creation of advanced infrastructures and products...

Los Changos Route

Expedition Details Impressive expedition to the pre-Hispanic times of the Pacific Ocean and the origins and borders of the Green North of Coquimbo and the driest desert in the world, the Atacama. We will travel through ancient paths of archaic collectors, shellfish divers and the most daring fishermen of the Chilean coasts: Los Changos, Choros...

Shaman Molle Route

Route Details Discover the sites that welcomed and gave life to the oldest shamanic culture of Chilean prehistory, the Molles, who, natives of the Atlantic Amazon, crossed the Andes finding a new world and ocean, settling in strategic sites of attractive and transitional geography. From the Bay of Coquimbo inland we will get to know...

Río Hurtado and Pichasca Monument

Tour Information We will travel through a hidden and longitudinal pre-Andean valley that will connect the ancestral provinces and mountain ranges of Elqui and Limari to discover the origins of an impressive geological event that shaped Río Hurtado and its renowned San Pedro de Pichasca Natural Monument. This worldwide paleontological, geological and archaeological treasure stands...

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