Shaman Molle Route

Route Details Discover the sites that welcomed and gave life to the oldest shamanic culture of Chilean prehistory, the Molles, who, natives of the Atlantic Amazon, crossed the Andes finding a new world and ocean, settling in strategic sites of attractive and transitional geography. From the Bay of Coquimbo inland we will get to know...

Fray Jorge Forest

Tour Information The coast of the Limari Valley shelters one of the greatest natural miracles and mysteries on the planet: the enigmatic Fray Jorge Forest. This impressive remnant of the ice age is the northernmost southern forest in Chile that lives on the oceanic Camanchaca fog and resists the advance of the driest desert in...

The Enchanted Valley

The Destiny – The Place The Limari Valley has a nature of extreme climatic and geographical transition of attractive resources that thousands of years ago enchanted primitive tribes and nomads from the Atlantic and the Amazon area, surprised by the precious stones, the Pacific coast and its ancient oceanic forests. The main refuge of this...

Damas Island or Chañaral de Aceituno Tour

Tour Description You will discover one of the areas with major diversity of species on the South Pacific coast “the frontiers of Coquimbo´s Green North region and the beginnings of the driest desert in the world: the Atacama.” We will travel through attractive landscapes and settlements of ancient shepherds, miners and farmers until reaching the...

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