Damas Island

Northern Green Islands and the Atacama Coastal Desert

Coastal havens that come together in a magnificent place to give life to one of the most striking marine zones and climate borders of Chile and the continent, a place possessing numerous islands and varied geographical units of surprising formation and abundant coastal natural resources as well as cultural treasures, make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Chile and the Pacific coast.

You will know one of the areas with the greatest diversity of species in the Pacific coasts “the borders of the Green North of Coquimbo and the beginnings of the world’s most arid desert: the Atacama.” We will travel through attractive landscapes and settlements of former pastoralists, miners and farmers until we reach the coast of the most experienced fishermen of Chile “Los Changos, Choros and Camanchacas.” We will sail the islands Gulls, Choros and Damas to discover its beautiful beaches, geomorphology and diversity of plants and cacti along with its attractive fauna of penguins, dolphins, seabirds, otters, and sea wolves. You will discover islands of great beauty with a fascinating prehistory that gave life to the first and last rafts made with sea wolf skin.

Itinerary Tour Isla Damas
  • Guided exit from La Serena to the north with views of Quebrada Juan Soldado (Chile’s oldest legend) and coastal geological sanctuary of Caleta Hornos.
  • Stop in Quebrada Los Choros, views 1540 conquest camp and native desert flora and fauna.
  • Arrival in Punta de Choros to sail and see species and landscapes of Gaviotas Island, Choros and Damas (1h descent).
  • Lunch Gourmet Menu of Traditions in Punta de Choros. Entrance: locos, seafood, sea paila, salad or empanadas of choice. Background: gratín, paila marina,seafood, fresh fish or meat + aggregates. Dessert and soda (glass of wine, water, nectar or drink).
  • Rest after lunch at Barrancas beach.
  • Final stop in Darwin Wetland and village of Los Choros (olive oils). Return to La Serena



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