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Atacama Desert

An immortal desert

There are no words to describe the immense beauty of the world’s most arid desert and its endless landscapes of multicolored rocks and sands. This surprising configuration of natural resources generated the presence of numerous cultures that inhabited the coast, valleys and mountains of the Atacama Region.

“Who would think that Chile is the most arid desert in the world whose landscapes are similar to the planet mars and its coast hides the best beaches of the country “


The most beautiful beaches in Chile

From the Choros to Taltal, the coastal borders of the Atacama Region, we find more than 500 beaches of unique beauty, mostly uninhabited and hidden, that is why our coastal route through the Atacama, allows you to know the unknown and paradisiacal beaches of the coast of the most arid desert of the world.


The most arid desert in the world

The Atacama not only stands out for not receiving rains all year round, but also to possess surprising species of flora, fauna and infinite geological formations and mineral configurations, lagoons, glaciers, rivers, slopes, beaches, dunes, archaeological villages, Inca road, conqueror camps and estates, bofedales, wetlands, mines, paleontological parks, indigenous shelters, isthmus, beaches and islands of unparalleled beauty.


Ancestral looking people

The inhabitants of Atacama have known how to live and understand life in the midst of aridity and loneliness, their gaze reflects the temperance and calm of the desert that when the unexpected arrives, rains and visitors their faces and landscapes, flourish, smile, dance and enchant anyone.


Flowering Desert

One of the most beautiful phenomena on the planet is to see the plains, pampas, ravines and cerros of the atacama full of flowers that hypnotize everyone who visits it. However, of all the fantastic places where you can appreciate different nuances, we know of a ravine where the mythical and legendary “White Lion Claw” is located, do you encourage yourself to go down in history and be one of the few people in the world to know it?


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    The highest mountain in America and the Southern Hemisphere, is the sign indicating the arrival to the Kingdom of Chile, which in Quechua means cold and is the gateway to the end of the new world.

    “This mountain was worshipped not only by the Incas but also protected and protected by the people of the cold land, the Mapuches of Chile.”

    While America and South America are in the imaginary of the people of the world as a continent of warm and tropical regions, Aconcagua and Patagonia are the opposite. Its temperate Mediterranean climate of marked seasons delivers very dynamic landscapes and sensations and not only every season but every month of the year.


    Life around the Stone Giant

    Numerous pre-Columbian vestiges as well as Hispanic conquest show us that the years pass but the landscapes remain. The Chilean palm forests, cypresses, boldos, peumos, arrayanes, canelos and scarce oaks demonstrate the natural greatness of the sector as well as its former inhabitants. These lands, dominated by the Mapuche leader Michimalonco, known as the main Lord of Chile and godson of the Inca Huascar, speak to us and show the beginnings of the country’s history, the echoes of the clashes between Spaniards and Mapuches and the torments of the first European women who inhabited the sector: Inés de Suarez and Catalina de los Rios and Lisperguer.


    Chilean Traditions

    Not only does the Creole component give a colorful living to its inhabitants and the landscape, these places witnessed the passage of independent caravans, merchants and arrieros that projected the development of the capital of Chile, the southernmost captaincy of the continent. The singing of the divine, the brava cueca, the trailla a yegua loosely, the taming of foals and races to the Chilean.


    Snow, hot springs and great wines

    Discover not only the feet of the giant Aconcagua, but also its famous hot springs, the first ski resort in South America and the winery of the new world with more recognition in the world.


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      The Coquimbo Region since pre-Columbian times, was chosen as a destination for numerous travelers, traditions and cultures who were surprised by its transparent skies, the brilliance and sharpness of its stars and its soils of infinite minerals and precious stones.

      Its wonderful geography and nature gave life to surprising cultural complexes that over time demonstrated the richness, worship and temple of our ancestors to the elements and the starry sky creating amazing sites for astronomical observation, such as the Enchantment Valley, Guanaqueros and Illapel.

      However, the stone engravings left by our ancient inhabitants were signs for thousands of years later advanced scientists and strategists to express their interest and willingness to build in the Region the first astronomical observatories in the modern era by choosing atmospheric excellence as the deciding factor and obtaining certificates that demonstrate to the world the quality of our starry skies and nights to facilitate the knowledge and connection of human beings with the Universe and Galaxies.

      Astronomical Tours
      • We recommend different observatories and astronomical centers, which vary in their offer and subject matter. We suggest writing to guide you and you can make the best decision.
      • Astro tourist observatories: Pangue, Collowara, Cancana, Mamalluca.
      • Tourist centers and spaces: Alfa Aldea, Amatista, Consiente Chile.


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        Explore this magnificent Archaeological Paradise

        The Valley of Charm is an amazing place, its human past is really a mystery for many, not so Paradi who believe we have connected with this magical place understanding it because of our committed worship, respect and admiration. Its fantastic geography and strategic location make it the most important astronomical, artistic and ceremonial center of Chilean prehistory as well as the dream destination for the most ominous nomads of South American prehistory, an Amazon tradition that in search of the Pacific, crosses the Andes, finding and settling in this natural Paradise.


        The Molle Culture

        It is considered a unique cultural complex of its kind, of really enigmatic origins, they are attributed to an Amazonian tradition the Pataxo, this due to the use of TEMBETA, as well as its ornamentation based on headdresses made of feathers, however, the engravings left at the archaeological site also teach them as humans with a supernatural intelligence due to the size of their brains reflected in the stones. The Molles were not only pioneers in the aesthetic ornamentation of their bodies, measuring the use of stone, wood or bone piercing, goldsmithing and feather caps that gave them status and power symbols, but they are also considered to be pioneers in the handling of metallurgy techniques in gold, silver and copper. In addition, they were the first and most advanced ceramists of the regional prehistory as well, stone sculptors and initiated observants of the cosmos, due to the records left on the stones of the Region.


        Vergel Natural Semiarid

        Beautiful semiarid ravine born of varied ramifications that give the place an uncharted natural value due to its water spills, large stones, hills and peaks that give a unique strategic attribute to the sector. The presence of numerous trees, shrubs and cacti coupled with a varying fauna of rodents and terrestrial birds, in addition to beautiful stones and soils, turned the site into a natural pre-Columbian village par excellence.



        It is next to the sector of Illapel, one of the most interesting archaeoastronomic sites in Chile, where we see reflected numerous constellations and cosmic phenomenes in the stones of the place. This is due not only to the magical connection of its ancient inhabitants with the cosmos, but also to the unparalleled quality and atmospheric transparency of its skies.


        • Departure from La Serena towards the Limari Valley.
        • Walk and exploration archaeological site The Valley of Charm National Monument (2 to 3 hrs approx.).
        • Traditional lunch in typical Restaurant.
        • Optional: Visit Limari Archaeological Museum and/or Limari River Mouth


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        Discover La Serena and Coquimbo on our City Tour and Grand Heritage Journey

        Amazing and ancient bay and city where a huge concentration of monuments converge that are erected between fascinating natural and coastal landscapes. La Serena is the oldest city on the Chilean coast, founded as a strategic necessity to keep alive the European presence during the conquest of Chile, whose location in Coquimbo Bay, the largest in Chile, allowed it to receive by land and sea the resources and goods that came from the Viceroyalty of Peru. From La Serena, its reformer Francisco de Aguirre, starts his route to cross the Andes and look for an exit to the Atlantic, creating and giving life to the oldest city in Argentina, Santiago del Estero. Thanks to La Serena and Coquimbo, the first on the coast of Chile strengthened the cities of Santiago de Chile and Santiago del Estero Argentina, the oldest in the Southern Cone.

        You will travel to the origins of the conquest to discover the places where the history and foundation of the Green North are forged, the bay of Coquimbo and the oldest city on the coast of Chile, La Serena, Latin American capital for Architecture and Urbanism and birthplace of viticulture in the Southern Cone. Discover the treasures of La Serena and Coquimbo, ancestral bay and pre-Columbian cultural metropolis inhabited by the Animas, Changos, Diaguitas, Incas, Mapuches, Conquerors, clerics and pirates, attracted by the gold of Andacollo, where the oldest virgin of South America appears.

        • Tour terraces, historic monuments (Churches and Serene Plan) foundational landmarks and origins of Chilean wine.
        • Visit archaeological museum, market of La Recova and Plaza de Armas de La Serena (Cathedral, Dominican Church and statues).
        • Tour of Avenida de Aguirre and visit Monumental Lighthouse.
        • Entrance to Avenida del Mar de La Serena and Avenida Costanera de Coquimbo, views of the Culebron and the Mosque.
        • Arrival in Ciudad Puerto de Coquimbo and tour through its historic streets, central square and Barrio Ingles.
        • Stop at Fort Lambert, Third Millennium Cross, the pampilla and Mirador de los Pirates.
        • Visit the village of Guayacan and the residential area of La Herradura.
        • Free time Totoralillo beach and return to La Serena.



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          Creado el 15 de abril de 1941 y con una superficie es de 8.863 hectáreas, su principal objeto de conservación es la presencia de su bosque relicto.

          Route to the Grand Elqui Valley

          Valuable valley that gave life to valuable human creations, one of the most important in Chile, whose magnificent geography of mountains, fertility and a sky of great luminosity and sharpness gives an environment and magical world full of cosmic, solar and Andean energy, allowed surprising walks, inspirations and mystical creations.

          You will know one of the most beautiful valleys in Chile and the world where the most emblematic landscapes and cultural treasures of our country are born. We will visit ancient indigenous settlements, churches and farm houses of the first conquerors surrounded by pyramid mountains full of minerals, magnetism and a transparent atmosphere, gave life to tropical, desert and Mediterranean crops and the most recognized wine and fish cellars of the country. You will discover the art of the Diaguitas, the legacy of the Incas, the origin and evolution of Chilean viticulture, the advanced astronomical observatories, the mysterious esoteric communities and the places, picturesque villages and traditions that inspired the first woman Nobel Prize laureate in Latin America, Gabriela Mistral.


          • Home tour touring the founding terraces of La Serena, old town monuments and origins of Chilean viticulture.
          • Entrance Coastal Valley of Coquimbito, ancient sights and indigenous commendations, first ranchs and churches and stop in conquest camp of Pedro de Valdivia of 1540.
          • Visit the picturesque pre-Columbian villages of El Molle, El Tambo Inca and Diaguitas.
          • Puclaro reservoir views and visit typical Viña Falernia and Papayas Olivier.
          • Tour distillery and Pisco Capel museum with tasting.
          • Free time in Vicuña to get to know its symbolic square and artisan villages.
          • Lunch of traditions in Solar Kitchens Villaseca.
          • Views of the Inca and stop at historic Paihuano Ranch.
          • Arrival in Montegrande and visit Gabriela Mistral Museum.
          • Free time in Pisco Elqui and walk through historic village.
          • Return to La Serena.



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            Northern Green Islands and the Atacama Coastal Desert

            Coastal havens that come together in a magnificent place to give life to one of the most striking marine zones and climate borders of Chile and the continent, a place possessing numerous islands and varied geographical units of surprising formation and abundant coastal natural resources as well as cultural treasures, make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Chile and the Pacific coast.

            You will know one of the areas with the greatest diversity of species in the Pacific coasts “the borders of the Green North of Coquimbo and the beginnings of the world’s most arid desert: the Atacama.” We will travel through attractive landscapes and settlements of former pastoralists, miners and farmers until we reach the coast of the most experienced fishermen of Chile “Los Changos, Choros and Camanchacas.” We will sail the islands Gulls, Choros and Damas to discover its beautiful beaches, geomorphology and diversity of plants and cacti along with its attractive fauna of penguins, dolphins, seabirds, otters, and sea wolves. You will discover islands of great beauty with a fascinating prehistory that gave life to the first and last rafts made with sea wolf skin.

            Itinerary Tour Isla Damas
            • Guided exit from La Serena to the north with views of Quebrada Juan Soldado (Chile’s oldest legend) and coastal geological sanctuary of Caleta Hornos.
            • Stop in Quebrada Los Choros, views 1540 conquest camp and native desert flora and fauna.
            • Arrival in Punta de Choros to sail and see species and landscapes of Gaviotas Island, Choros and Damas (1h descent).
            • Lunch Gourmet Menu of Traditions in Punta de Choros. Entrance: locos, seafood, sea paila, salad or empanadas of choice. Background: gratín, paila marina,seafood, fresh fish or meat + aggregates. Dessert and soda (glass of wine, water, nectar or drink).
            • Rest after lunch at Barrancas beach.
            • Final stop in Darwin Wetland and village of Los Choros (olive oils). Return to La Serena



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